Noble-Hearted Kate: A Celtic Tale, by Marianne Mayer, 1990

Noble-Hearted Kate: A Celtic Tale is inspired by old English, Welsh, and Scottish legends, and lavishly illustrated by artist Winslow Pels This book is a fresh and intriguing tale about the nature of loss, the power of love, and the remarkable girl whose noble heart rescued good from evil … and never faltered in its course.

Tonight, while Kate and her beloved stepsister, Meghan, sleep, there is powerful magic afoot. For Kate’s mother, the queen, fearing that Meghan is far more beautiful than her own sweet daughter, has snuck down the castle corridor and into Meghan’s room to place a pouch of magic herbs beneath the sleeping girl’s pillow …

By morning’s light, Meghan is no longer the fairest princess. And Kate, brokenhearted by her stepsister’s plight, decides to lead Meghan on an extraordinary quest for the answer that will set things right.

Thus begins Noble-Hearted Kate, a tale both whimsical and poignant by Marianna Mayer that sweeps Kate and Meghan down a cool, dark river and into a forbidden forest, to a place where the veil between Faerie and man is drawn apart … and anything can happen. There, the girls encounter faeries terrible in their beauty and power, and creatures as wise and magical as any you’d meet in a tale by Lewis Carroll. And at the end of their journey, in a far-off Kingdom, Kate will risk her own mortal soul to save a handsome prince form enchantment. (Dustjacket flap)

Marianna Mayer’s retelling of Beauty and the Beast is a perennial bestseller and her original The Unicorn and the Lake is a six-time winner of Children’s Choice awards and an American Booksellers Pick of the List. She is also the author of The Sorcerer’s’s Apprentice and The Prince and the Princess. She live in Connecticut.

Winslow Pels has illustrated theater posters and books for adults, as well as books for young readers, including Spectacles and the Miss Baba series.

1990 by Bantam Skylark Books.

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