The Purim Goat, by Yuri Suhl (1980)

The Purim Goat

The Purim Goat is a warm and evocative story about European Jewish life at the turn of the century, brought vividly to life with Kaethe Zemach’s matching illustrations.

Hoping to earn some money so his pet goat won’t be sold to pay a debt, a poor Jewish boy teaches the animal to dance.

Author Yuri Suhl was born in Poland and came to the USA as a young boy. He is a bilingual writer and is the author of four volumes of poetry in Yiddish and two adult novels in English. His documentary anthology, They Fought Back: The Story of Jewish Resistance in Nazi Europe, has earned him a considerable reputation as a writer on the Holocaust. Mr. Suhl’s books for children include Simon Boom Gives a Wedding (a Lewis Carroll Shelf Award winner) and Uncle Misha’s Partisans (winner of the Schwartz Award of the Jewish Book Council as “an outstanding contribution to Jewish Juvenile literature”).  Other titles include The Man Who Made Everyone Late, Simon Boom Gets a Letter, The Merrymaker, among others.

Illustrator Kaethe Zemach was born in Boston and moved to Europe when she was ten, living in Italy, Denmark and London before returning home. She is the co-author of The Princess and Froggie, and the author-illustrator of The Beautiful Rat.

Published in 1980 by Four Winds Press, NY.


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